Answer to 'Customs'

The word 'Customs'can mean many things, but in this case, it means my customized action figures! From simple repaints to full-blown retools, they are figures owned by no other! The list are as follows...
#They are all Transformers#
  *Transformers Iron Man(AM-17 Medic Knock Out with new head)
  *Reformatted Soundwave(Beast Hunters Smokescreen, repaint with new head)
  *Reformatted Starscream(Powerizer Dreadwing, repaint with new head&weapons)
  *Overmegasixwave(Combiner consisting of Timelines Gigatron/Overlord, Thrilling 30 Megatron, scratch-built Sixshot, and FOC Shockwave)
  *Trans-Continuity Bruticus(Combiner consisting of Universe Onslaught, FOC Deluxe Blast Off, DOTM Deluxe Vortex, Animated Deluxe Swindle, and Movie Deluxe Brawl) 

More will be added to the list as I commence. The Combiners are just in plan stage now and most aren't completed, but I will post their reviews as soon as I complete them. Keep waiting! 


  1. Wrong again! Thank you for sharing these 3 facts about you.

  2. Man, you must really like Transformers for all 3 posts to be related to it.
    I couldn't guess a single one.