Friday, January 10, 2014

First Post! (3 Things I Know To Be True)

Hello to all netizens around the world! This is Kim Junghoon from South Korea, and I'm the owner of this blog. Before I really get to things, I'd like to share some facts about myself...
  *I come from Byollae, Namyangju.
  *I'm in the second grade of middle school.
  *I own 2 blogs-this one(obviously) and another one on a Korean site called Naver.
Now that we've dealt with that, these are 3 words/numbers related to me. Guess what they are by leaving a comment and check your answers!

Check the answer for 'Transfan' here!
Check the answer for '12' here!
Check the answer for 'Customs' here!


  1. Simple but cool blog. I like it. I like your post the thing about number 12 was really interesting to me.

  2. I guess that "Transfan" is your hobby, "12" is the floor you live on and "Customs" is your fathers job. Am I right? I will have to check my answers now. Good job on your first post. Remember you can add pictures or video to your posts as well, try it next time!

  3. hahaha nice I like megatron nice