Monday, January 20, 2014

-An old movie that has more than meets the eye

About a week or so ago, we watched a movie all the way back from 1987. It was titled <The Princess Bride>. Yeah, yeah, it does seem like a classic fairytale movie from the title. But you know what? It actually is! However, the movie has certain elements to appeal to just about anyone. It's about true love(ugh, mushy) and the genre is romance, comedy, adventure and action(slightly). In case you don't know the movie (as might be the case for most people) watch the trailer right here!

The characters are as follows...
  *Westley(disguised as Pirate Dread Roberts in some occasions)
  *Buttercup(I know, stupid name)
  *Vizzini(fat guy-one of only two casualties)
  *Inigo Montoya(Spanishman)
  *Fezzik(Big dude)
  *Prince Humperdink(another stupid name)
  *Count Tyrone Rugen(man with 6 fingers on his right hand, murderer of Inigo's father)
  *Miracle Max(revives Westley)
  *Miracle Max's wife
  *Yellin(chief enforcer)
  *Various guards
  Animals-Shrieking Eels, ROUS(Rodents Of Unusual Size), various horses
The settings are as follows, listed in chronological order...
  *Westley's home
  *Ocean(home to Shrieking Eels)
  *Cliffs of Insanity
  *Valley area
  *Fire Swamp(home to ROUS, place with numerous firemines and lightning sand (quicksand on steroids))
  *Forest of Thieves
  *Pit of Despair
Although I'd rather not write the ending of the movie, this is an old movie, so I'll post the ending anyway. The plot is as follows...
A grandfather reads a book to his grandson.
  Buttercup loves Westley, a farm boy. Westley returns those feelings, but he doesn't have enough money to marry her. He goes overseas to earn more money, but is allegedly captured and killed by Pirate Dread Roberts. Buttercup believes this and goes into depression period. 5 years later, for some reason, she decides to get engaged with Prince Humperdink, although she doesn't love him. Some time later, she is out in the woods when she is kidnapped by a gang of three(Vizzini, Inigo, and Fezzik) and is transported to a distant land. However, they are pursued by a strange ship and are forced to climb the Cliffs of Insanity. Vizzini drops off Inigo to defeat the pursuer and runs off with Fezzik and Buttercup. The man in black-the pursuer-reaches the top and proceeds to have a swordfight. During the battle, Inigo's history is revealed-he is determined to avenge his father, who was murdered by a six-fingered man. Inigo is defeated in the duel and the man in black continues his pursuit. Vizzini drops off Fezzik to do the same task as Inigo and runs off with Buttercup. Although Fezzik has the upper hand for the moment, he is choked to unconsciousness and is out of commission. The man in black runs after Vizzini before Fezzik reawakens. He finds Vizzini on the top of a hill and proposes a battle of wits with Buttercup as the prize. There are two goblets of wine, one of which is poisoned with iocaine powder. They must choose a goblet and drink. After a debate session with himself, Vizzini chooses a glass and drinks-and immediately falls over dead. The man, who has spent years developing a tolerance of iocaine, has poisoned both goblets. The MIB(Man in Black)announces that he is Pirate Dread Roberts and he's taking her to his ship. Enraged that Westley's supposed murderer has come after her also, she pushes him down the hill. During his descent, his eyeband flies off and it is revealed that the pirate is Westley! While the two lovebirds rejoice, the prince(who orchestrated the kidnapping to bring a war with Guilder, a neighboring country) follows the trail. Westley's duo escape through the Fire Swamp, avoiding random spurts of flame and defeating a ROUS(see Characters for meaning). They fall into lightning sand(see Settings for details) but escape unharmed. Alas, it's all for moot, for as soon as they emerge from the swamp they are found and captured by the prince. Buttercup demands that the prince let Westley live in exchange for her being his wife. The prince doesn't want to and hands him over to Count Rugen, his advisor, as soon as Buttercup is out of sight. As Westley notes that the Count has 6 fingers on his right hand, he is knocked out by the count hitting him on the head with his sword hilt. Westley is taken to the Pit of Despair, a secret area underneath the Forest of Thieves, and tortures him with a suction-cup machine operated by an albino man(with the pain level on 1 out of 50). Meanwhile, Buttercup realizes that she can't marry Humperdink and threatens to commit suicide on her wedding night if forced to go through it. Humperdink lies to her, saying he'll find Westley and bring him to her. He adds that she marry him(the prince) as an alternative to suicide should he not return. Buttercup, oblivious to her lover's situation, agrees. A few days prior to the wedding, a Brute Squad is tasked to clear out the Forest of Thieves to 'remove any troublemakers'(but actually to minimize the chance of someone discovering the Pit, the entrance to which is located in a tree). Fezzik, who is in the Brute Squad, discovers a drunk Inigo, sobers him up, and tells him he has found the six-fingered man(having seen him at the castle when he was enlisted). They agree to storm the castle, but realize they need a good planner, like a certain Man in Black.
Meanwhile, in the Pit, the count has sucked away a year of Westley's life with the machine. The prince arrives and furiously declares he will be the one who gets Buttercup before cranking the machine all the way up to 50!!! Walking aboveground, Inigo and Fezzik hear his screams and come looking. They meet the albino man there, who has brought a wheelbarrow to haul away the dead body of Westley. Unfortunately, Fezzik knocks him out before he can reveal the location of the Pit, so Inigo calls upon his father's spirit to guide him. Although the initial attempt fails, he accidentally discovers it when he leans in despair against the very tree trunk the entrance is concealed in. They rush in only to find Westley dead.
They take the body to Miracle Max, a miracle worker previously fired by Humperdinck. He doesn't want the job and threatens to call the Brute Squad but relents when Fezzik points out that he too is on the Brute Squad. Max takes the job and diagnoses Westley as 'mostly dead', using bellows to give him the breath to answer. Although Max pretends to misunderstand, some badgering from his wife and the prospect of doing Humperdinck a bad turn persuades him to whip up a chocolate-covered miracle pill which 'has to be administered after 15 minutes'. They set off amid the old couple's best wishes.
The duo hide on a rampart overlooking the castle gates(guarded by 60 men) and feed Westley the pill. However, the pill was given a bit too early-it restores Westley's life and he is able to talk but his body is still immobile. Westley requires a wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak (a cloak that burns well on the outside but is fireproof on the inside) to storm the castle-both of them are present in the form of the albino's wheelbarrow and Fezzik's cloak(given to him by Miracle Max who claims 'it fit so nice').
Inside the castle, the wedding is about to begin. Suddenly, a dark apparition appears and announces that 'he is the Dread Pirate Roberts'and 'there will be no survivors'. (It's actually Fezzik wearing the cloak and standing on the wheelbarrow, Inigo pushing it while dragging Westley along.) The guards scatter when Inigo sets the cloak on fire. Yellin, Humperdinck's chief enforcer, soon hands over the key when Fezzik threatens to rip out his arms.
They ecounter Rugen and some guards. Although Rugen sics the guards on them, Inigo dispatches them and announces "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Count Rugen flees.
The prince, who sent Count Rugen to investigate the commotion, makes the clergyman skip straight to the end of the ceremony(to 'man and wife'). As Buttercup is escorted to her honeymoon suite by the old king, she tells him that she'll be killing herself shortly. The king, possibly slightly gaga, replies 'Won't that be nice!"
Inigo is chasing Rugen when he runs into a lockes door. He asks Fezzik for help, who bashes down the door after leaning Westley on a suit of armor. When he returns, Westley is gone. A puzzled Fezzik goes somewhere else.
Inigo has Rugen cornered in a banquet hall but the count throws a dagger to his abdomen, seemingly taking him out.
**This is a work in progress**


  1. Junghoon- I am really enjoying your movie review so far. It is well thought out and you have done a great job explaining the story so far. You really pay attention to details. I am loking forward to reading about your opinion and lessons. I also look forward to seeing your photo essay.

  2. kkkkkk. I liked how the title was related to a quote from Transformers. Man, you must really like Transformers just as me and seung yoon like Eminem.